Payday Loans 24/7 | No Credit Checks

Unlike other types of loans, payday loans are available 24/7. It’s not a gimmick but a fact. Direct payday lenders operating their business online, work seven days a week – that’s right! You can apply on regular days, weekends and holidays at any time you choose. It doesn’t matter if you decide to submit your application at 8AM, 6PM or 1AM, there is always someone to process your application as soon as it comes in. It’s a completely different story when you get the money you need –  this of course depends on the time you apply. One thing for sure, you will get cash deposited into your bank account on the next business day at the latest.
Majority of lenders work hard to meet your financial needs as soon as possible. It’s good for them and it’s certainly good for you. A happy customer is a returning customer is a credo many lenders keep in mind when considering your application or sending you cash.

A 24/7 application comes with no credit check. Some lenders may consider other types of check, such as Telecheck or Teletrack to have a closer look at your current situation. Those checks are not reflected in your credit report. As a matter of fact hardy any payday lender nowadays conducts a credit check. This is for a number of reasons, such as time and cost involved. In addition, payday lenders target low credit score customers, so there is no sense checking their credit history.

When you file your application, all your personal information provided in the form are verified. Some lenders may choose to contact your employer if you request loans over $1000. Loans under $500 don’t require any type of employment verification. Your 24/7 payday loans with no credit check require you to have a bank account (savings or checking – application form has a check box for people with no bank account) and be of legal age.