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Since you have found this site, you must be looking for an instant payday loan from direct lenders in the United States, the UK or Canada. Currently our network provides services in only three countries, but of course, we are working on expending the market onto Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. This, however, will take some time because it requires to find reliable partners and proper infrastructure in place. For the time being the British, American and Canadian residents can enjoy a fast access to lending services online.

Our network is comprised of hundreds of direct payday lenders rendering their services completely online as well as in real brick and mortar payday stores. all lenders provide short-term loans, known as payday loans or cash advances, up to $1000 (in fact the limit is capped at $1500 but some lenders require borrowers to take out two loans for that amount – $1000+$500).

The application process is fully automatic from the start to the finish. When you complete an online application form, direct lenders verify your information on the first come, first serve basis. If a lender doesn’t find anything worrying, he/she approves your application and contacts you directly to discuss the terms and conditions of your loan. Every lender in the network has to make proper disclosures in order to comply with your local State’s laws. You don’t have to accept the terms offered and may negotiate better fees and repayment period.

There is no way to know upfront what the fees are going to be. It all depends on individual lenders in our network. On average you may assume the fee is in the neighborhood of 25% of the total loan.

Many lenders in our network will not check your credit record. They have other means of verifying if you have good or bad credit score. This is a good news because that information will not stay on your credit report.