Instant Payday Loans 24/7

Many online lenders offer loans over the Internet claiming that you get a paperless application process but at the end of the day when it comes to approval of your payday loan application, they suddenly remember that they need some documents that you have to fax. There would be nothing wrong with that if they warned you about that procedure at the very beginning, otherwise you may feel mislead by their practices. If a lender says that you can apply for an instant payday loan with no fax, he or she should make sure that there is no faxing involved in your online loan application. Period!
This site gives you a large market of direct lenders to choose from. There are hundreds of instant payday loan direct lenders in our network that provide loans that you can take out without seeing or touching any actual documents. The loans are available 24/7 all year round.

Our network specializes in instant payday loans completely online that you can obtain in a short application process. All it takes to file your loan application is a few basic personal details that you should know by heart. If you don’t, however, you would have to spend extra two minutes to get your social insurance number for instance. That still makes the loan application process extremely fast, because you can complete your no fax application in less than five minutes.

There might be some cases when a lender from our network may request additional info to be submitted, for instance, if he/she  can’t verify your source of income. That is an inconvenience that you would have to pay in order to be eligible for approval. For 99 per cent of all the applicants there is no requirement to sumbimt any documents by fax or any other means.

No credit check

Good thing about instant payday loans online is that no credit check is conducted. This can save you a lot of headache,  Payday loans with no credit check are suitable especially for people who have bad credit. Even if you have the worst possible credit, you may still qualify abd be approved.

Payday loans from direct lenders are available to everyone who is of legal age and has an income of at least $700 a month. Another very important requirement is having a bank account. It doesn’t matter whether it’s savings or checking account. You must have one for your online payday loan to be deposited in it. You don’t want your online loans to stay online but to be transferred into your bank at the end of the same day.

No Documents to be Faxed or Scanned

This is a very important feature of a good cash advance lending company. It is not enough that you see a direct lender advertising these kinds of loans. You need to visit their website and read every detail given about the services they offer. Take note that there are some direct lenders promise not to require any document for loan applications, but once you sign up for an instant loan, they will ask that you submit a certain document for the approval. It is best if you could phone the lending company to verify that they are legitimate and for real.

Low Fees and Fast Loan Processing

Most lenders will say their lending products come with the best or lowest rates in town, but this is something you must make sure of as well. You must have heard about the criticisms about these types of instant short term loans when it comes to the high loan rates applied. While it may be hard to really find a faxless loan with affordable rates, the least you could do is research and compare the rates offered by various legitimate lenders.

Safe Payday Loan Application Online

If you have decided to get an instant payday loan without a guarantor that suits for your needs, you must make sure the company has secure and safe programs and online transactions. On their website, you should look for the seal of such internet security organizations as GeoTrust, McAfeeSecure, and the like.

Once you have made up your mind about applying for a faxless loan from any lender you should first do a review and comparison of several guaranteed loan companies to make sure that the payday loan rates they apply will not be too burdensome on your part. Otherwise, you are likely to face different kinds of financial problems as you will have to bear the expensive rates of such short term loans.

Below are the 4 very important guidelines you should keep in mind when choosing the most appropriate payday instant loans no brokers.